January 2007: The film premiered in Athens at the Benaki Museum and the Hellenic American Union and continued to play through January and February 2007. The film was accompanied by a photography exhibition of the archival material at the Benaki Museum.

February 2007: The Hellenic Parliament TV Channel broadcast the film.

May 22, 2007: The US premiere of the film in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

October 7, 2007: The film was screened at Stockton College in New Jersey.

November 8 & 16 2007: The film was screened in Washington DC at the American Film Institute as part of the 2007 European Union Film Showcase

December 2007: SKAI TV (Greece) broadcast the film.

Release of the DVD for Europe and Greece (zone 2): 2007

Release of the DVD for the US and Canada (zone 1): 2008

2008 screenings in the US:

February 17, 2008: Screening at Yale University

March 9, 2008: Screening at Michigan University

March 31, 2008: Chicago premiere at the Arts Institute

April 17, 2008: Screening at the Houston International Film Festival

May 1, 2008: Screening at the Washington DC International Film Festival

June 11, 2008: PBS, Chicago WTTW

June 25&29, 2008: Screening at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

September 14, 2008: Boston premiere at the Museum of Fine Arts

September 26, 2008: Screening at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, Spurlock Museum, in conjunction with the inaugural celebration for the Modern Greek Studies Program.

November 15, 2008: Stamford, CT - AHEPA Screening

2009 screenings in the US:

January 25, 2009: KRIKOS Screening in NYC

February 27, 2009: Holy Trinity Bouras Center, Westfield, NJ

March 15, 2009: Laconian Society of Atlanta

May 30, 2009: Hellenic Cultural Society of Rochester, NY

If you would like to find out more about organizing a public screening of the film, please contact the Proteus Foundation: proteusnonprofit@earthlink.net

It is illegal to use the DVD for public screenings without obtaining written permission by Proteas / Proteus NY, Inc.

A new initiative:

All proceeds from the US university screenings will fund a series of scholarships for exceptional students from the villages burned in Peloponnese during the 2007 fires in Greece.

We are pleased to announce:

-A coffee table book (English language edition) with photos of Greek immigrant life from various American archives, based on the film "The Journey", will be available soon for the US.

-The soundtrack of the film "The Journey", composed by Nikos Platyrachos, will also be released shortly.

To place your name on the waiting list for the coffee table book or the CD, please send an email to: proteusnonprofit@earthlink.net

Upcoming Events in Greece:

2008 and 2009: The documentary "The Journey" will be screened along with the photographic exhibition at the 7 Museums of the PIRAIOS FOUNDATION in the Greek province.Those museums are in Sparta, Volos, Lesvos, Dimitsana, Stymphalia, Soufli and Tinos.

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Distinctions and Awards:

- The American Film Institute in Washington DC, selected "The Journey" as one of the best European Films of the year and included it to the European Showcase (November 2007).

- The Comptroller of the City of New York, William C. Thompson, Jr. gave a prize to Proteus Foundation, for preserving visual and archival materials that capture the rich Hellenic History and for the lasting contribution to both the Greek American community and all of the New York City's residents (March 2008).

- "The Journey" received the Special Jury Award for "Best Documentary" of the 41st International Film Festival in Houston (April 2008).

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